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Bren in her 10'x12' Greenhouse Growing Year-Round


Bren networking for the Philadelphia Flower and Garden Show 2012

"I've always been a little different when it comes to creating but one thing for sure I love to connect with others who enjoy the positive in sharing life!" - Bren

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Growing Year-Round with My Friend Glenda of


With a background in the Fine Arts and enthusiasm for creating, Midwest native Brenda Haas created the BGgarden website with aspirations of sharing and connected with others. Over the past few years she has been sharing life in the garden with photography, video and web design skills on the web.

Dabbling in the arts at a young age attending studies at the Toledo Museum of Art and Detroit Institute of Art played an important part for Brenda in discovering how to express herself with her talent to create. She was one of five to be accepted at the Chicago School of the Arts fresh out of her small private High School in Ohio. In the late 90's Brenda had left the theater where she created stage and costume design, finding herself planted in the heartland with the love of her life.


Taking on the role of being a mother and raising her two children where she grew up in the Midwest didn't stop her from expressing her passion to create. Starting art programs for the youth in local civic groups and finding time to restore her 1880's Sears Home in a small Ohio town. about2While the children grew and renovations on their home were completed, Brenda's love for gardening grew as she discovered she could make a garden retreat in her own surroundings. Maxing out a 80' x 66' picket fenced yard in a typical 'Norman Rockwell' town, nothing would keep her from expanding. After years of making a beautiful home and garden in town, Brenda found herself out in a country garden with close to 18 acres to nurture. This is where she discovered the BGgarden BLOG.

In 2009, Bren began selling images to garden publications and became a contributor to a few online growing communities such as Garden World Report hosted by Shirley Bovshow. Specializing in capturing the world of gardening on location or in the studio. Bren has branched off into commercial photography using her training with Adobe Photoshop to create ad designs for leading garden product companies such as Corona Tools.


In 2011 she worked independently in social media as administrator of #gardenchat garden community.. Her new media work has included creating a web presence for the Twitter based chat forum and organizing topics that are documented for later reference. In August of 2011 the #gardenchat went on the road sponsored by Corona Tools, Subaru_Life, Easy Gardener,Proven WInners - Color Choice Shrubs, and many companies donated products for swag bags. Ustream webcasting was used at the events with the potential of over 100,000 viewers and participants.

2011 was the year of Social Media in the garden world. Brenda was on the select list of writers, photographers and communicators who were choosen to go to P.Allen Smiths Home Retreat Garden 2 Blog Event in April as well as Costa Farms (#1 plant provider) Social Summit in February.

In August 2011 Brenda was hired as Official Trade Show Floor Correspondent for the Independent Garden Center Show at the Navy Pier in Chicago. Using social media sites like facebook, twitter, blogging and connecting with communicators from around the States this project had an outreach of over 300,000 individuals to promote the #IGC11 show. After this project Brenda had taken on networking for major events for Subaru Life and the Ohio National Chicken Show .*See Networking for more information.

In the 2012 Brenda Haas has been hired by the leading flower and garden shows working for Northwest Flower and Garden Show as well as the Philadelphia International Flower and Garden Show providing social networking. Stay tuned and up today with the latest events BGgarden will be sharing social at by following her blog at : Here.

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